Feng-Biao Guo


Feng-Biao Guo finished his doctorial study in TianJin University in February 2006. Now he is a full professor at UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China). In 2001, he engaged in the study of bioinformatics. His research interests currently focus on computational, comparative, evolutionary and functional genomics of microbes. Recent years, he has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers in international journals. Up to now, his papers have attracted over 500 citations. Prof. Guo is one of the editorial board members of Scientific Reports and Current Bioinformatics. He also serves as reviewer for over 20 international journals such as Nucleic Acids Research, Bioinformatics, Biochimie, Microbiology (SGM), BMC Microbiology, Current Genomics, Current Bioinformatics, Neurocomputing, and Journal of Theoretical Biology.