Download data from GMAHD

The core dataset
Microbe, disease, intervention, effect, description of how gut microbes affect human disease, concerned molecules or cells, reference.

Data from the first version of GMAHD
Click HERE to download all the text descriptions in csv format. Click HERE to download all the views of descriptions in bmp format.

In csv file, the last column "approach" is the filename of relating bmp views of descriptions.

Metabolite Data from VMH

Here, we also provide users to download metabolite data which is associated with 9 diseases, including raw data and the processed data.

9 diseases cover colon cancer, colorectal cancer, crohn disease, ilealcrohn disease,irritable bowel syndrome liver cirrhosis, necrotizing enterocolitis, obesity and type 1 diabetes.

Data in mat format is raw data, which is the metabolic information of strains related to disease.

Click HERE to get what you need please.